Sunday, September 21, 2008

Block 14

Our first block. I did this one doing regular piecing. Here are all the pieces before assembly.

First I did the centre. It was done in the same style as a Courthouse Steps block.

Then I added 1/2 square triangles.

Here are the outer triangles ready to be added.

Here are the outer triangles added and trimmed down to size. 

Yeah!!! Our first block is done!


Yvette said...


I have decided to do mine in red/white. I have dug through my stash and plucked up what I can use for now.

I will make my block on Friday if I am off.

Dawn said...

Hi Ladies - navigated my way here after you left a comment on my blog! I would like to be one of the "inaugral" (LOL) members of this group. I haven't yet started my own NI, but have begun the fabric collecting - which is JUST as important! I shall do mine in repro's - but I wont be following Salinda's colours. I won't make my first block for a week or so - but I'll catch up - and hope to stay 'on task'! I'll put a link up on my own blog too. Thanks for starting this!!!
Kind regards

Rina said...

Thanks for you challenge and explenation. I've done the first block and maybe do more.