Sunday, April 5, 2009

Block 98

Last week we had the first block in the quilt.  This week we're having the last one.

As always, the non-red and white shows what you'd do if you are making the block and then cutting it in half diagonally.  First thing I did was make the flying geese blocks and set up the remaining blocks.

I then started the square-in-a-square and putting the middle border blocks together.

Here is the centre square-in-a-square completed.

Then starting with the edges on the middle border.

Then the final pieces for the middle border.

Then repeat it for the outer border and the block is done and ready for slicing.

This is what you'll want to follow if you're including the seam allowance for the blocks.  Once again I started off with the flying geese.

Then I started attaching triangles.

Then I added the remaining white triangles and the squares for the middle and outer rounds.

Here is the middle round added.

And finally the outer round attached.  And here is the square with the additional seam allowance.

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