Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Block 65

Here is our next block.  A little late, but not because it was a tough block.  Life has been a little crazy lately, but it appears that it's going back to normal now.  Yeah!!

Here I've set everything out all cut and ready to go.

I did a fair amount in this first round.  If you notice in the two outer rounds, I attached the triangles to the centre strips.  I attached the posts to the rectangles in the middle round.  Plus I did the centre square-in-a-square.

After that, things slow down a little.  In this picture, I did the next square-in-a-square.

Then I added the middle border.

Then we're back to square-in-a-square for our next round.  If you noticed in the pictures, I cut my triangles slightly larger (that extra 1/8 inch for the squares) and cut the centre strips as rectangles.  After I put everything together, that is when I trimmed things up to make a square and give those white strips the point on the one end.  It's just easier this way then fussing with the original cutting.

And finally, one more square-in-a-square and trim up the block and you're done!

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