Sunday, October 5, 2008

Block 70

I was inspired by Yvette's polka dots for her last block. I also learned an important lesson on stripes...

I was sooo focused on getting the stripes straight I completely missed the flying geese. For piecing, I really like the fast flying geese method and it'd be great for this block since there are 4 of each size.

Also, if you're doing stripes, don't get so focused on getting the stripes straight that you forget the golden rule. Right sides together. Twice!

Once again, the cut pieces, ready to go. (Though, if you use the fast flying geese method, your cut pieces will look different)

I pieced the different elements. 2 sets of 4 flying geese. Centre double diamond. 1/2 square triangle blocks. Plus those outer squares (what ever they're called :)

For final assembly all the different elements come together in our familiar friend the nine patch. The smaller nine patch becomes the centre for the larger one.

And here we have our third block done!


Kristie said...

The block looks great! I kept watching all day yesterday for you to post the block :) I will work on it today! I think I am really going to like the quilt!!! Thanks so much for starting this blog for the quilt, I think it will be very motivating!!! Oh, and if it is not too much trouble can you change the link to my blog, I have my photos of this quilt on my other only thing different is this one has a "g" in quilting. Sorry for the trouble.

Yvette said...

I kept looking for the block yesterday too!

Your block looks incredible. I like the stripes/polka dot combo. I will try to get mine done this weekend if I am off.

I went to 2 quilt shops yesterday looking for white w/red. Neither shop had one bolt! Looks like I will have to shop online soon.

Rina said...

I love this one. A bit difficult it looks, but I'm going to try it, maybe tomorrow??

Yours looks wonderful.


Kristie said...

I got my block finished! :) Took me a little while...I printed the paper piecing pattern off of the yahoo group files and it had Y seams! I hate Y-seams!! That is what took me so long. Can't wait for the next one!!!

Rina said...

Done. I had a little problem yesterday by putting the top row to the block. I put it upside down. Probable because I was to tired. Today I made a fresh start and it was fixed in no time.
You can see the result on my blog.


groep 1b said...

Can anyone tell where I can find photo's of finished nearly insane quilts??