Sunday, April 12, 2009

Block 84

This block is another fairly simple one.  It's a 9-patch centre with a courthouse steps variation.  Some of the strips are fairly narrow so I cut them wide and trimmed after sewing just to help with accuracy.  Here we start with all the pieces cut and laid out.

Here I've started on the centre 9-patch and sewing any of the outside units that I could.  (I try to chain piece anything I can)

Here is the finished 9-patch and all the outer units pieced, trimmed, and ready to go.

Now It's just a matter of adding the outer units...  Sides




And Voila!  Our next block in the series.  I hope everyone is enjoying this quilt as much as I am.  

Happy Easter!


karenfae said...

are you using a pencil or chalk pencil to draw a seam line on the back of the fabric like I do with Dear Jane? I usually leave my freezer paper templates on until I am ready to sew so I don't loose track of what goes where but I am assuming you are doing it this way to show how you are constructing? I am not decided still on if I will make this quilt. So many ideas --

Yvette said...

I love this one.