Sunday, June 6, 2010

Block 23

A fun block this week.

Here is everything ready to go.  The first thing I did was lots of square-in-a-square blocks. 

Here is everything set out with the square-in-a-square blocks done.

Now I've added the red strips.

Then added the remaining red strips to the middle strip and the white corners for the outer strips.  Then I put the three strips together.

Then added the corner pieces.

Then I trimmed it up into a square.  And our next block is done!

1 comment:

Donnamo said...

I started Nearly Insane last week and use your pictures to help me. But I wish you would write directions like: cut 6 1 2/2 inch squares; 1 3 inch square etc... I'm having trouble guesstimating the size to cut the squares to make my 1/2 square triangles, etc....