Sunday, March 29, 2009

Block 1

For the most part, this block is pretty simple.  It's just an Ohio star with some stuff in the centre.

I started off the the flying geese.  Then I laid everything out to see if I thought I'd like it.  When cutting things for the centre block, I cut things a little larger and then trimmed for each round.  This gives you a little more wiggle room.  Something you really need when working with such teeny tiny pieces.

Then I started to tackle the center...

The first two pieces are a square-in-a-square.  Then that becomes the center for another square-in-a-square.

Then you add a little log cabin border.

Then it becomes the centre for a square-in-a-square.  And then another square-in-a-square.

Then I added the remaining flying geese.

And here we have the finished block!

Much simpler than last week.  Right!? :)


Yvette said...

Much easier! Thank you!!!

Rina said...

another beautiful block for you. I made this one already.