Sunday, June 14, 2009

Block 45

This block looks daunting at first but it's not so bad.  There are just a lot of pieces to keep track of.  I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture below, but I assigned each piece a number, value, and direction.  The diamonds are almost, but not quite the same size in each direction.  I also did this block using templates.  The diamonds are an odd size in one direction.  I really couldn't see a way to make this easier by paper piecing but if anyone can see it, please let me know.
Here is everything set out and ready to go.  If you notice on the corners, I've sewn the 1/2 square triangles and just put a template on the one half.  I left the paper on throughout just to help keep track of the pieces.  I was debating whether or not to do this one by hand but in the end went with the machine.

The trick to this one is to pay attention to the way you press your seams.  Make sure they're pressed to the opposite sides.  This will make your piecing easier and minimize the bulk in the seams.

Here we are with the first pairs of diamonds.

Now the pairs of diamonds are together.  Again, paying attention to the way you press your seams.

This time when I pressed the seams, I chose to go clockwise.  This will minimize some of the bulk in the middle.  When you are sewing these sets together, it is important you end 1/4 from the end of the fabric on the outside corners.  This will make your life much much easier on the next step.

Now we tackle the Y-seams.  I take them in two steps always sewing from the outside to the inside.  This helps to prevent puckers in the fabric and ensures that your corner fabric doesn't stretch out.  Pin your fabric together and mark 1/4 from the end.  Sew up to but not past the pin.  Stopping a thread or two before the pin is better than going slightly over.  Backstitch.  (You need to backstitch in the corner because there will be nothing preventing your seam from unravelling.)

Now you do the same thing for the other side.  Remembering to stop just before the pin and backstitch.  If you notice from the picture below, I fold the fabric out of the way so that I'm not fighting it while sewing.

Press so that the triangle is flat.  If you need to, you can trim a little of the bulk of the seam in the corner to help things lay a little flatter.

Here things are with the 4 corners attached and the 4 pieces put together.  Now attach the middle triangles using the same technique for Y-seams above.

Here is the finished block, ready to go.

And another of the more time consuming ones behind us. :)


Rina said...

wonderful, I'm scared to start, it looks difficult. With your explanation I'll try. It's very clear. Thanks

Yvette said...

I knew it was going to be this one. LOL!

You make it look sew easy. I think I am going to have to hand piece this one.