Sunday, April 19, 2009

Block 77

I started this block off with a paper pieced centre.  (The measurements for the centre were a little funny.)  Not the numbering on the paper, I did that on purpose to make the seams but together when putting the whole thing together.

I also created the flying geese using the fast flying geese method.  And did the diagonals on the two corner blocks.  For that, I took the finished measurement of the triangle (white fabric) and added 1/2 inch to get the size of square to cut.  Then I drew a line across the diagonal.  Then sew across the line.

Here are all the elements laid out and ready to go.  Once again, we're back to our old friend the 9-patch.

When I assemble a 9-patch, I put the rows together.  I make sure that the centre is pressed to the opposite sides from the top and bottom.  (Makes aligning the seams in the next step easier)  In this case, I pressed the seams on the centre block towards the inside so there was less bulk on the flying geese points.

And here is our finished block.


Rina said...

what a lovely block this week.

Yvette said...

Very pretty!