Sunday, February 28, 2010

Block 82

This week's block isn't really conducive to setting out, so here are all the pieces ready to go. The large heart square with the white squares are for the flying geese. Then I did the first square-in-a-square using all squares. Then the remaining square-in-a-squares were done using triangles.

Now, the block is finally set out! :) I've done the flying geese and the first square-in-a-square.

Now the second square-in-a-square has been done. Plus the corner posts in the outside border have been added.

Now the final square-in-a-square.

And, with the final seams connected. We've got our next block!


Yvette said...

Love that heart fabric!

As usual, your block is fantastic.

Julianne said...

So glad it is another easy one this week. I have been away and still have to tackle 8 & 75. NOT looking forward to that!!!!
I agree the heart fabric is very cute!!