Sunday, February 8, 2009

Block 16

This wasn't planned at all. It's funny how the random numbers work out sometimes.

This one is an interesting one. It the pictures of the original quilts, it looks like it was a use up your leftovers type block.

I picked three colours for Dark, Medium, and Light. I then cut each piece to the correct width (plus seam allowance) but cut them longer. I can't seem to master the technique of making long strips of fabric straight, so I didn't cut them to the exact sizes. This lets me trim the strips once they're sewn.

Here they are all cut and ready to go.

Here are each of the strips before trimming.

After trimming and with the un-sewn strips added in.

And this is the finished block.


karenfae said...

turned out pretty good! love the colors.

Yvette said...

I am so happy you chose an easy block this week. It looks great!

josephine219 said...

I never even noticed this block yet! You made the best of a weird one!