Sunday, August 30, 2009

Block 27

Since we were having so much fun with Y-seams last week, I figured we could continue the practice.

This block is a little simpler than last week's but basically the same construction.  Here is everything a laid out and ready to go.

First I attached the parallelograms.  I pressed towards the dark for this star.  It doesn't really matter except that you want to be consistent so that your seams stay out of the way.

I then sewed the quarters into halves and then the halves into a star.  Then onto the Y-seams.

First I did the outside corners.

Then the middles.  The order really doesn't matter.  (I just like the optical illusion that forms when you do the corners first.  Yup, I'm a geek)  Finally, you wind up with our next block finished.

I was counting blocks the other day.  Next week's block puts us at the half way mark for this quilt! 

I hope everyone has a great week.


Yvette said...

Bad news: I only got the templates cut for last weeks block.

Good news: I already did this one when I was practicing Y seams.

Great looking block!

Rina said...

Your block looks wonderful again. I'm still working on the star from last week. This one I made already.
CJ, thanks for your advice, I will try the freezer paper method.