Sunday, November 16, 2008

Block 6

Another week, another block. This one is a fairly simple one. There is an almost log cabin centre for an Ohio square block. Once again, for the flying geese, I used the fast flying geese method.

Just like last week, you pull your centre together (though a simpler one for us this week) and with your flying geese. You, once again, get our friend the 9-patch.

Put together the 9-patch and tada! Our next block.

Next week we tackle our 10th block! Yeah!!!


Yvette said...

Pretty fabric!

I was hoping for an easy this week. :)

Kristie said...

Lovely!!! Can't wait to get this one done!

Rina said...

First I made block 17. It was a hard one, but every day a little bit sewing and after five days it was finished.
Next I wanted an easy one, so I made block 6 also this week.
You can see them on my blog.

canquilt said...

I have been making the blocks on my own and Yvette commented to join up with your group. How do I o that?