Sunday, January 18, 2009

Block 56

We're having quite the run of paper pieced blocks lately. I hope everyone else is as thrilled as Kristie. I realized that I'm assuming that everyone knows how to foundation paper piece. Is this true? Would anyone like a tutorial?

For the centre, I created an slightly over sized pinwheel block and used that as one unit for the paper piecing. Here are all the individual pieces paper pieces and ready for assembly.

First the centre is pieced together.

Next we're back to our friend the 9-patch.

And finally our old friend the square in a square.

And all these familiar elements come together to make up our next block.


Yvette said...

I am loving your red swirl fabric!!

Another beauty!

karenfae said...

doesn't that look great!! love those color choices.

Rina said...

Your block looks fabulous. I'm still a few blocks behind, but made two blocks last week. This block will be done after I had a paper piecing lesson in the quiltshop.

Rina said...

I've made three blocks last week, so I'm still two block behind. I'm catching up and waiting for the new block.