Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Block 97

It appears that things will be a little crazy for a while longer.  For the next couple of weeks I'm still doing blocks but they may not be posted on Sunday.

Another edge piece for us this week.  Once again, there are two ways to make the block.  Either make a square and cut it in half diagonally, or include that extra seam allowance by making two triangles.

First, the square....

Here is everything cut, laid out, and ready to go.

In this shot, I've added the triangles to the corner squares, attached the posts in the middle border, and completed the centre square-in-a-square.

Here I've attached the middle border.

And finally, another square-in-a-square completes the block!

For this one, I switched the values up a little and have medium where the light was in the previous block.

Here everything is cut and ready to go.

I've made the centre flying geese, attached the posts to the middle border, and attached the triangles in the outer border.

Now I've attached the middle border.

And finally the outer border.

Which ever way you prefer to make the edges, we have another block completed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Block 65

Here is our next block.  A little late, but not because it was a tough block.  Life has been a little crazy lately, but it appears that it's going back to normal now.  Yeah!!

Here I've set everything out all cut and ready to go.

I did a fair amount in this first round.  If you notice in the two outer rounds, I attached the triangles to the centre strips.  I attached the posts to the rectangles in the middle round.  Plus I did the centre square-in-a-square.

After that, things slow down a little.  In this picture, I did the next square-in-a-square.

Then I added the middle border.

Then we're back to square-in-a-square for our next round.  If you noticed in the pictures, I cut my triangles slightly larger (that extra 1/8 inch for the squares) and cut the centre strips as rectangles.  After I put everything together, that is when I trimmed things up to make a square and give those white strips the point on the one end.  It's just easier this way then fussing with the original cutting.

And finally, one more square-in-a-square and trim up the block and you're done!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Block 31

A quick and simple start to our second half of the quilt...

I started off with the 1/2 square triangles and then set out the pieces for the full block.

With my aversion to curvy rows, I tackled this block as two sets of 4-patches.  Here we are after the first set.

And after the second set....

Our 50th block is done!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Block 58

Our next block and the half way point!

I've started off with the 1/2 square triangles.  Once I did the triangles, I set everything out.

I then tackled the middle and the corners.  For the middle I put the pile of squares together in little 4-patches.  For the corners, I added the remaining triangles and trimmed the edges.

Then I put the little 4-patches together into a larger 4-patch (or 16 patch).  When I'm doing lots of pieces like this and they work out in even multiples of 4 I prefer to do them as 4-patches instead of rows because I've got that whole curved row problem going on in my piecing.

I've now added the middle border.

And finally the outer corners to make up our 49th block!  (hmmm.  Maybe should have saved block 49 for this one? :)