Sunday, December 14, 2008

Block 35

This one has a few more pieces than the others we've been doing, but it's not the toughest. From the pictures I picked 2 lights, 2 mediums, and 1 dark.

First step is taking care of all those flying geese (Yup, there really are 12 of them) and the 1/4 square triangles.

Once you've done this, the flying geese are put together and sashing is added to the corner 1/4 square triangles. Now we're once again back to our friend the 9-patch. :)

Yeah! block 35 is done!


Yvette said...

This looks like fun! Your block is great, as usual.

karenfae said...

I think I will start Nearly Insane sometime in this upcoming year. I think I will start to collect up turquoise (blue/green) type of color fabrics and have a background that is a white type - maybe batik with a touch of blue if I can find it - mostly white though if you know what I mean. I will start looking for fabric first then get my book back out and see what happens.