Monday, January 26, 2009

Block 38

Sorry everyone! I completely lost track of time and days last week.

Our next block is fairly simple and does not need to be paper pieced. (That should be a relief for those of you not liking the paper piecing)

Here is our lineup of pieces ready and waiting to become a block. For the square-in-a-square blocks I cut squares for both the centre square and the corner triangles. I use this method whenever the centre square does not work out to a nice measurement but the finished square does.

First elements are the 5 square-in-a-square blocks and the stripes. Now that these elements are laid out, can you see the two 9-patches?

The centre has been put together as a 9-patch.

Now the remainder, also put together as a 9-patch.

Our next block is finished. Tada!

1 comment:

Yvette said...

I thought we were getting a break this week. HA HA!

This is really pretty. I will still paper piece it, otherwise they come out wonky.