Sunday, June 21, 2009

Block 89

After last week, I figured we really needed a simple block.  This is another one of our edge blocks, so don't be too worried about the colours.  Once again, the brights are for the method - make the block and slice it in half.  The red and whites are for the method - make the block as two separate triangles.

Here is everything a laid out and ready to go.

Here I've sewn the centre 4-patch and put posts (the white) on the striped border.  (Yes, I chain piece where ever possible)

Here the centre 4-patch becomes the centre of a square-in-a-square block.

The next border added.

And one last square-in-a-square later and we have our block!

Here is everything all laid out if you are making the two triangles (aka - you want the seam allowance)

I added the triangles to the centre square to create the centre triangles.  Plus I added the posts to the maroon rectangles.

Here are the red triangles added, making  funky flying geese.

Now the next border added.

And finally the outer triangles.

I hope this one is much smoother than last week's...

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Yvette said...

I think I can handle this without re-working the block. LOL!