Sunday, February 1, 2009

Block 15

I thought I'd layout all the pieces for the block instead of just setting them out randomly. If you see the upper left hand corner, I made one of the square-in-a-square blocks. (I started second guessing the measurements. :)

Here are the pieces coming together. Can you see that we'll be ending up with our friend the 9-patch again?

For the centre block, I cut the triangles slightly over sized and then trimmed things down to size when the square was completed.

Here is our block, finished. Does it remind you of one of our earlier blocks?


Yvette said...

It does look like one of our earlier blocks. Very nice!

karenfae said...

I like the looks of that block. Did you hear that Liz Lois has a new book out called "Just Plain Nuts" ? I have not seen it but will be on the look out for it even though I have not even started Nearly Insane yet.

Rina said...

I'm really catching up now. I only have to make number 15 and 38, two easy ones. Thanks for that. Your blocks looks very nice.