Sunday, August 16, 2009

Block 68

We have a couple more people who have decided to join us.  Please join me in welcoming Rae Anne and Julianne.

This week's block is not too bad.  Which is good because we've got another doozy coming up.

Here is everything cut and laid out ready to go.  The pile of squares are for making 1/2 square triangles for each side.  

Here I've started piecing the centre strip and all the 1/2 square triangles are all ready to go.

I've now sewn each of the squares together to make up 5 strips.

Now the 5 strips are together and we have our next block.


Yvette said...

Thanks for keeping this going! The block turned out great, as usual.

A doozy? Oh no!!!!

merumo said...

I will tuckle this one tomorrow :)I already have the measurement! Thanks for keeping us up.

Rina said...

I'm back from holiday. I'm two blocks behind, I will catch up this week. Thanks for sharing.

Julianne said...

Thank you for the warm welcome and the comment on my blog. I am certainly having fun with this project!! I have now completed all the blocks you did in 2008 and am about to tackle some of the more difficult ones you did in January - eek! I am not sure of the correct technique for paper piecing. Are you able to give me some pointers before I attempt Block 49?? I will give 79 a go first I think.
Thanks for the shortcut hints. Invaluable!