Sunday, October 31, 2010

Block 92

Happy Halloween!

Can you believe that this is our last block?!  When we started this journey did you believe that we'd ever get here.

Our last block is cut up to make the corner blocks for our quilt.  If you are not adding the extra seam allowance you'll follow the funky coloured pictures.  If you're adding the extra seam allowance, follow the red and white.

Here everything is set out and ready to go.

Here the outer 1/2 square triangles and the centre square-in-a-square have been completed.

Here the centre 9-patch has been completed.

And finally the outer border has been attached to complete the block.

If you're adding the extra seam allowance, you'll want to start following along here.

Here the 1/2 square triangles have been completed.  The triangles have been added to the centre squares and the middle border.

Here the middle border has been added to the centres and the outer borders have been finished.

And finally the outer border has been added to finish our last block.


Mary said...

Please, please, please don't ever take this blog down! I'll be totally lost. Thank you so much for all your work on this quilt and for sharing it.

Donnamo said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog.... even though I rarely get around to my Nearly Insane Quilt. I put what I have done (56 blocks) up on my design wall. I sewed all the sashings and have put some of the strips together. Unfortunately I see I WILL HAVE to sew many more blocks to cover my King Size bed :( Fortunately though so far it looks very nice! Just wanted you to know I have not quit on you. I still wish you would tell me how to figure what size to make the pieces...I am still guessing after 56 blocks :( (But your pictures do help a lot)

Yvette said...


I so look forward to seeing your quilt put together. Are you hand or machine quilting?

Rina said...

Congratulations with your last block and your beautyfull quilt. I'm still working on my border. It's a boring border to work on, but it looks nice.

Janet said...

So the next post will be the completed top?? I'll check back next week to see it. :0)

Julianne said...

Woohooo!! It's finished!!
I picked up my Nearly Insane from the quilter today and she has done a fabulous job. So glad I decided not to do it by hand as it would have taken forever!!!
I will post a picture once I have completed the binding. I have had so much fun following this blog and seeing what everyone else does with each block.
I am planning to start Dear Jane next - do you have a blog for that one to?????

leesa jhon said...

All the blocks looking so cool and colorful thanks for the sharing.

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