Sunday, December 21, 2008

Block 83

Twice now I've pulled a really tough block out of my bowl. I've put it back again and picked something else, but I'm thinking we're going to have to tackle it soon. (Just not the weekend before Christmas. :)

This one is a simpler one. :) For this one, I did not piece the flying geese strips, I paper pieced them. The measurements do not work out evenly, so paper piecing was easier. The numbering for the stitching order are on the piece of paper with all the pieces, I hope you can see it.

Here the block is with all its elements put together. Those pesky corner squares surprised me and turned out to be the trickiest. All I can say is watch where that outer dark square is. The 2 corners are actually two mirror images of the other two.

I've attached the corner blocks to the flying geese strips to bring us back to a funky 9-patch.

And here is our finished block! (Untrimmed :)

1 comment:

Yvette said...

This looks great!

Thank you for putting the hard ones back. I have company staying with me during the holidays and there will be no sewing. :(