Sunday, December 7, 2008

Block 50

A little bit of a challenge this week. We're tackling Y seams. If you look at the block diagram, you'll see two sets of Y seams, one in the middle border and one in the outer border. I modified things a little for the outer border just to make it a little easier.

Kristie - I can't see how to paper piece this one and avoid the Y seams. I'd love to see how you managed this one.

One again, our starting components...

This one starts off with 5 square in a square blocks. I also pieced the outer rectangles and the middle pieces to make the lovely trapezoids.

Now for the Y seams... Mark the corners of the centre square in a square block and all 4 trapezoids. For the trapezoids, you only need to make the 2 corners of the narrow side. The pencil marks are a little faint but I think you can see them in the picture below.

Find and pin to those 1/4" marks. I also pined the centres for good measure. You want to sew only to the 1/4" seam allowance. Remember to back stitch on these seams. (Otherwise your block will unravel.)

Once you've completed all 4 sides, you'll have this funny looking block with the diagonal seams still to go. (The observant among you will notice that my block is very un-square like. I remembered to cut the parallelograms wider than the pattern called for but forgot the triangles.) I recommend cutting the two a little wider than called for and trimming the square down when you're done. (The blue fabric is there just to show the un-sewn seam)

Fold your block and pin your Y seams. Once again, only sew to your 1/4" seam allowance and remember to backstitch. Once you've done this for all 4 seams, press and square up your block.

We're now back to our friend the 9-patch. Isn't it interesting that we can send up with so many different blocks with the same basic elements. This makes me think of all sorts of math related analogies, but I'll spare you. :)
And our block is done! I may actually re-do this one. The cool swirly pattern of the block is lost in the pattern of the fabric but for now, I'll celebrate another block done!


josephine219 said...

This is the most helpful NI website/instructions. I am now less hesitant to start my NI blocks! It does not seem as daunting! The photographs are a great tool for my own fabric selection, since the pictures from the book are just too tiny to be useful!Great job, I am already looking foirward to the next post! (By the way: you list 14 blocks, but I count 12, what do I miss?)

Yvette said...

I do not look forward to doing this block. I am not a fan of Y seams. I like how you took a few of the Y seams out, thanks for the tip.

Rina said...

I've made this one last day. It was really a hard one. Several times I had to do the Y seams again. I made the border like the original one, to practice. Your instruction helped me a lot.
(I also think we didn't make 14 blocks already.)

Anonymous said...

I'm being completely blind and not seeing the reference to the 14 blocks. I agree this was the 12th block.

Hi Josephine. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I hope you decide to join us in making this quilt. I was going to comment on your blog, but I guess I can't until you post. I can't wait to see all your quilting projects.

Rene Smolcic said...

I have started my yourney on Nearly Insane and your instructions are just wonderful!! It makes everyting look soooo easy! I am also in the process of making a Dear Jane quilt. Please Help!! I am unable to get access to your directions for Dear Jane or are the block closed? Is it possible for you assist in this regard it will be highly appreciated.