Sunday, February 22, 2009

Block 94

This is our second edge block. This block can be done in two different ways. It depends on whether or not you want the extra seam allowance. I decided that I did, so the Red and white block is made as two triangle blocks.

Here is everything cut out and ready to go. Again, for the flying geese, I'm using the fast flying geese method. I also cut the dark red border around the centre square-in-a-square block in just 4 pieces, I didn't bother trying to preserve the log cabin style for that border.

Here the flying geese are done and corner triangles are on the centre.

Everything ready for the final piecing.

Here is the block, ready for trimming.

For anyone that is choosing to make the block and then cut it in half diagonally, you'll want to follow these pictures. Again, here is the fabric cut and ready to go. Again, I'm using the fast flying geese method for the flying geese.

Here are the flying geese and the square-in-a square ready to go. Once the inner purple border is on, the block is once again a 9-patch. :) (I'm starting to see them everywhere....)

Centre borders are on and the corner posts are attached.

The block is done and ready to be sliced in half. This one definitely shows the star much better. One of my favourite things about seeing everyone's blocks as we progress on this quilt is seeing just how much of a difference fabric choices can make. (It's one of my favourite things about taking classes too.)
I hope everyone is having a great week.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Block 29

Well, after last week's weirder block we're back to the more familiar.

I just had to choose a heart fabric in honour of Valentine's day. :)

The centre is our old friend square-in-a-square and I used the Fast Flying Geese method for the flying geese.

Once you've got the square-in-a-square and flying geese put together, the centre is is a 9-patch. Plus, you'll notice, I've been putting together all the stripes for the outside border as I went along.

A few last strips to add....

The finished block!

If I were to do this one again, I think I'd make the dark fabric in the outer border a different one from the middle border. Right now when I look at the block all I can see are the arrows. :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Block 16

This wasn't planned at all. It's funny how the random numbers work out sometimes.

This one is an interesting one. It the pictures of the original quilts, it looks like it was a use up your leftovers type block.

I picked three colours for Dark, Medium, and Light. I then cut each piece to the correct width (plus seam allowance) but cut them longer. I can't seem to master the technique of making long strips of fabric straight, so I didn't cut them to the exact sizes. This lets me trim the strips once they're sewn.

Here they are all cut and ready to go.

Here are each of the strips before trimming.

After trimming and with the un-sewn strips added in.

And this is the finished block.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Block 15

I thought I'd layout all the pieces for the block instead of just setting them out randomly. If you see the upper left hand corner, I made one of the square-in-a-square blocks. (I started second guessing the measurements. :)

Here are the pieces coming together. Can you see that we'll be ending up with our friend the 9-patch again?

For the centre block, I cut the triangles slightly over sized and then trimmed things down to size when the square was completed.

Here is our block, finished. Does it remind you of one of our earlier blocks?