Sunday, October 12, 2008

Block 64

Our next block! Over all, it's not so bad mostly 1/2 square triangles but there were a few little gotchas.

For the diamonds, normally I just measure the centre diamonds and then add the outer triangles. This time, the centre diamonds were not simple measurements. So, instead I used the method where you cut squares (for the outer triangles) and draw a line diagonally through the square to create the outer triangles. For this, the measurements for the centre diamond is a square (A in the picture below) A + 1/2". Each of the outer triangles are squares B + 1/2".

Here are the cut pieces ready to go. (See the trial run for the diamonds measurements. :)

Here are the pieces of the block all ready to go. There is one more little gotcha. If you measure the outer 1/2 square triangles, they're different sizes. Of the three 1/2 square triangle on each side, only one is actually a square. The other two are 1/8" narrower. When you're cutting these rectangles, pay attention to where the darks are. They're opposite (tops & bottoms and sides). If you don't pay attention, you'll be creating more 1/2 square triangles. (Ask me how I learned that. :)

One you tackle the 1/2 square triangles, you're ready to assemble. The inner square, is once again our friend the 9 patch. Once you assemble the inner square. You can assemble the entire block as a 5 patch. Then, Tada!, you're done the 4th block of the quilt.


Kristie said...

Your block looks great!!! I have it printed and ready to work on tomorrow!!!! :)

Yvette said...

Your sewing is so precise. I have been paper piecing mine. I am going to try doing this one your way. {gulp)

Thank you!

Rina said...

Tonight I'm working on this one. I love the colors you use.


QuiltedSimple said...

Oh I'd love to join this blog - Kristie has talked me into doing the Nearly Insane Quilt.

Rina said...

Finished. I'm almost insane and think a block like this is the most difficult I can make. So I think I won't make all blocks.