Sunday, August 29, 2010

Block 55

There certainly are quite a few pieces in this next block.  Here everything is set out and ready to go.

Here I've done the centre square-in-a-square block.  Plus I've attached the middle strips together.

Here I've attached additional pieces for those middle strips and am working at the next centre square-in-a-square.

Here the centre square-in-a-square is complete and the triangles have been added to the middle strip set.

Now you attached the next border.  There are set in seams, don't be scared.  I put together a more detailed tutorial on it.

Then I add the final triangles and we have our next block finished.


Minka's Studio said...

That's unutual, the striped sections are all different. Are there other blocks in this quilt that are like that?

ROZ said...

Very complicated, but it's wroth it! wonderful block