Sunday, March 14, 2010

Block 74

Here is this week's block set out and ready to go.  That pile of squares in the corner are for the 1/2 square triangles that make up pinwheels.

I've now added the 1/2 square triangles for the corner pinwheels.  I've also started working on the strip in the centre.

Apparently in my enthusiasim I forgot to take a between picture.  So, there was a lot that  happend to get to this next step.  I put the centre strips together.  Trimmed them to a square.  Then added the middle red border.  I also assembled the corner pinwheels like you would a 4-patch.  And added the white triangles.

Then, once you've done all that, you'll wind up with something looking like this. :)

Then I added the final corners to wind up with our next block.


Yvette said...

Love the fabrics. Did you buy new ones???

I need to start making my blocks on the lighter side, I feel like mine have too much of the darker reds in them.

Julianne said...

I love the contrast of the red and white in this block - it makes the 'pinwheels' really stand out!! Mine looks ok but a bit pale in the pinks.
I have finally caught up to you all now, so looking forward to next week's block!

Klaudia said...


I´M from Germany...and my english is not so good.But I will say,your blocks are so wonderful...i love the contrast of white and red....

Heartgreats from Klaudia