Sunday, January 11, 2009

Block 79

Well, after last week's challenge, it's time for a break.

The centre block on this one is a 4 patch. I cut the smaller squares a little larger, created the 4 patches and then cut them to the correct size. You'll also notice in the border, I paper pieced. The measurements were a little funny, so it was easier to paper piece them.

After the centre 4 patch has been put together, you can assemble things just like a regular 9 patch.

Then I cut the outer triangles and created the square in the square block. I cut the triangles a little big and then trimmed the whole block down to size.

Another block done and we're on a roll for the new year.


Yvette said...

First, thank you for the break.

This looks really cool. I think I have those fabrics, I like it so much I may have to copy you. :)

karenfae said...

it's looking good - I like your colors. Too much going on this year to start this quilt too, but maybe next year.