Sunday, October 17, 2010

Block 96

This week we've got another edge block to tackle.  If you're doing the block without the extra seam allowance you'll want to follow the funky coloured block construction.  If you're doing the block with the extra seam allowance you'll want to follow the red and white block construction.

Here things are set out for our block.

Here the posts have been attached for the outer and middle borders along with the centre square-in-a-square.

Apparently I missed a picture of adding the middle border, but I then added the middle border and then the outer border to complete the block.

If you're adding the extra seam allowance to the border blocks, you'll want to follow along here. 

First I attached the triangles for the centre rectangles and posts for the remaining borders.

The middle border has now been added.

And finally the outer border to complete our next block.


Donnamo said...

Wow, its been a while since I checked in on your latest blog (I always go look at the one I am working on; I am at block 56 and tiring of insane blocks BUT I have stopped to make a few other quilts, placemats, etc... and am ready to go back at it: I will finish I have no UFO's.

I love the new colors...finally....

Cheryl said...

CJ, tried to email you about this. Could you contact me? I was going to start on JPN and develop a blog about it and have a few questions. Thank you for your time in advance.