Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Block 54

This block was a bit of a pain for me.  I should have followed my first instincts, but oh well.  You can learn from my mistakes! :)

The line diagram in my book was a little off.  I figured I could fudge the measurements...  That might have worked if I was more consistent in where I took the measurements.  Eventually I ended up re-drawing this block and making sure things lined up.  After that, it was a dream.

Here is everything laid out and ready to go.  The little pile to the side are the flying geese.

Here's our next step with the centre 9-patch completed.  The flying geese in place and the outer triangles attached to the white strip.  I realize that the white strip will be a point in the final block but I find it easier to cut a longer rectangle and then trim things down when the block is all sewn together.

Here is the centre assembled, it was put together as a 9-patch.

Then the next border added.

And finally the outer border added and the block trimmed down.


Julianne said...

The end product looks fabulous!!!

Yvette said...

Love it!

sewprimitive karen said...

Love your beginning layout shots!